Kombai Dog Aggression

kombai dogSavagely ferocious to Intruders

The Kombai is extremely ferocious and lethal when it comes to aggression. Since the Kombai belong to the hunting dogs category, it needs ample space to run and physical exercise is a must. The Kombai is not a dog to be kept indoors. They need a lot of fresh air and running.

The Kombai is a highly intelligent one master dog, at the same time it is sociable with other members of the family. They make excellent guard dogs and have the skill to sense any inbound danger to his master or family. By nature the Kombai is aggressive and does not like being taunted.

The Kombai likes to be left to himself and does not cherish too much human contact. As a Guard Dog, the Kombai is superior to the Rajapalayam and other Indian hounds.

These Dogs are ideal to guard farm houses and cattle. In ancient times they were used to protect cattle from Leopards and Tigers. When left on the loose in a domestic neighborhood, the Kombai is likely to pick up fights with other stray dogs or hunt and bring home cats and birds!